The Hairdresser's Blog: Following in My Mother's Footsteps

A photo of a young mom and her son. It's an older photo. The mom wears a long pink dress and a white short fur coat. the boy has a little brown fur coat. they are holding hands.

This is a photo of my mom and me in Paris in 1978. She's barely 21 here, and I'm about four. When I look at this photo, I can't believe how strong she must have been back then. At the time, she was just starting her career in a tiny Paris salon. She worked long hours, then came home and played with me until we both passed out from exhaustion.

Unfortunately for her, I didn't stay this adorable. By the time I became a wayward teenager, my mother owned her own business, Dominique Provenzano Salon in Versailles, and was one of the most sought-after hairstylists in Paris.

She really didn't have time for my shenanigans at that point. The day she had to come pick me up from the police station after I got caught tagging the Paris subway, I thought I was doomed. She chased me around the house with my skateboard, whacking me as hard as she could until I jumped out the back window.

Then she had a better idea.

The next day, She took me and enrolled me in Ecole de Coiffure Bernard Cordier in Paris. For the next four years, I trained in some of the best beauty schools in Paris, and mostly stayed out of trouble.

I recently rediscovered my love for painting (not with spray cans this time). And with the help and guidance of my beautiful maman, I recently opened my first hair salon and gallery in my adopted city of Washington, D.C. This week, my mom came to see it for the first time. I couldn't be more proud to show her my new adventure— full of art and beauty. And it's all because of her.

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